Administrator At Effia Nkwanta Hospital Kills Himself Over Bad Marriage

A young man has broken the hearts of family and friends including strangers, after he killed himself over bad relationship.

Before his sad death, Kofi Shanti Boafo was a system administrator at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Western Region.

Few details about him according to Facebook indicate that he Studied Information Communication and Technology at Presbyterian University College.

Prior to his sad death, he posted a long notice on his Facebook page apologizing to family and friends for the loss his demise was going to cause them.

In the sad Facebook post, Kofi Shanti Boafo specifically accused his wife, Prasad Deevi of consistently causing him pains that he could not bear anymore.

He said, “I put you before almost anything and anyone else in my life. You knew I loved you, yet you did nothing about it. All I had was hope. You were so important to me. It is extremely difficult writing these words in the past tense. I once thought you would be in my life forever.

“I can’t let you hurt me any longer. Life is too short to repeatedly get your heart broken by the same person without doing anything to fix it. Everyone deserves more than that. I need to do what is best for me. The only way to fix it is by saying goodbye.”

Read the full suicide note below:

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