Guardiola away from the pitch: Oasis songs and English exams for the player

Manchester City have found their rhythm under Pep Guardiola with the Spaniard having settled in and it appears that one of the reasons for his success is the interest he takes in his players both on and off the pitch.

After the victory in the Champions League over Napoli, Nicolas Otamendi revealed that he is always keen to know what is going on.

“He is always around asking about everything,” he said.

“Not just football, he always asks how things are going with our families and everything else.”

The Argentine claimed that Guardiola knows everything that is going on, from their level of English to diet.

“He is pretty picky about our diet, but not only that,” Otamendi added.

“He tells us that we need to learn English as our team meetings are in that language.

“I have an exam in December.”

Oasis in the dressing room

Furthermore, The Sun revealed that Guardiola plays Oasis music when the players arrive in the dressing room.



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