Teacher Dies During GES Interview Session

A teacher believed to be a staff of the Emmanuel Presby School at Madina in Accra yesterday, October 23 met her untimely death after she collapsed during an interview session being conducted by the Ghana Education Service.

She was expected to go through the interview that will guarantee her promotion to the rank of Assistant Director 2.

However sources close to ghanacrusader.com revealed that the lady whose name is yet to be confirmed was spotted panicking with lot of fear and anxiety over her face as a result of the usual tensions that come with interview.

The source further revealed that the deceased who met the Panel One interviewers at the Accra High School where the promotional interview is currently taking place collapsed immediately she was bombarded with questions that she could not answer.

She was quickly rushed to a near by hospital where she was confirmed dead on arrival.


Source: ghanacrusader.com

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