In Ghana many people with full time jobs can’t make ends to meet. They wonder how they can sort out a few side issues like paying for fuel for their cars or the electricity bill, getting enough money to take their girl out on a date or just enough to pay for that shoe they credited or at least save some money for the future.


People shouldn’t worry anymore there are some ways to keep your job and still earn some money on the side. These are some ways one can get some cedis on the side.


  1. Tutor or Teach

You might be good at mathematics or English or a subject that children or students usually need support with. You can become a tutor by spending an hour or two after work helping a few students improve in a subject. You could even help some children with their home work and earn some money doing it. You can earn GH¢ 200 a month per student. It’s a flexible way to make some money.


  1. Food service

If you are great at cooking you could sell food in the evening after work it is surprising how many people buy food at night. Or you could prepare drinks like sobolo or asana and sell to earn some income. There are so many food and drinks you can provide for a fee. You could even cater for events or sell drinks and cocktails during these events. Food service business is very lucrative and easy to start. You could earn over GH¢ 500 a month from the food industry.


  1. Create Crafts

You could take some lessons in sewing or bead making. During weekends you can use these skills to create lovely products and sell for some cool money. People make shirts and sell for GH¢ 50 per shirt. In a month you could make 10 shirts and earn GH¢ 500. Taking out your production cost you could earn some cool GH¢ 200. Though you may need to acquire the needed equipment to start, afterwards you could easily earn enough to cover the cost and make profit.


  1. Rent Items

Renting some equipment you have is another great way of making money. You could rent out items to people. You could easily charge people for using your things and make some money. You could also decide to purchase items like chairs, canopies, ice chest, speakers and other party items and rent out to people for some extra income. You could earn over GH¢ 300 a month, a canopy goes out for about GH¢ 30 a day and speakers go for over GH¢ 100 a day.


  1. Consultancy

Consultancy is another way to make extra cash. If you already possess a skill set that people need. You can easily make some money by providing your expert advice. You could provide some legal service or you could advice some start-ups on paths to develop their business. Consultants can earn so much just by meeting people to help solve their problem or provide an advice. You could earn GH¢ 100 for meeting a person and earn over GH¢ 1,000 a month. The problem is it takes time to grow popularity and get clients.


  1. Write a book

You don’t need to be the best writer in the world to write a book. You could write a book on a something that interests you or a real life story. You could write about anything in the world. People turn to read for either knowledge or pleasure. You also don’t need to print the book out and sell it you could always sell it online as an eBook. There are numerous online stores open to selling eBooks. Though it’s time consuming to write a book it could be highly rewarding if your book turns out to be a best seller. Projecting its rewards can be complicated but one can earn from a few thousand cedis to hundred thousand cedis. You could charge GH¢ 10 to GH¢ 100 per download of your eBook.


  1. Event Hosting or Planning

Events are tricky but they can turn to be high yielding if you decide to host one. You could charge a gate fee or sell food and drinks on the day. You could also decide to help people plan their parties or weddings. You could easily take the weight of birthday celebrants or from the would-be couples and organize their day for them. You could earn over GH¢ 200 as service charge and gain some extra from photographers, caterers that you link jobs to for a cut. You could earn a total of GH¢ 300 per event and about GH¢ 1,200 a month. It takes some time to develop clientele and you need to do a great job for further recommendations.


  1. Car service or Taxi

You could earn some money by using your car if you have one. You could turn your car into a taxi and pick people along the way while you go to work and also earn when you close from work by doing a few drop offs before getting home. You could also use your weekends to make some money. Taxi business or car pool business is lucrative you could earn GH¢ 20 a day and over GH¢ 100 during the weekends. In a month you could make over GH¢ 300 excluding fuel.


  1. Real Estate

This is another industry that has a lot of side earnings. You could help land lords find tenants and charge a commission. You could also refer people to houses and charge for your service. You could earn about GH¢ 100 when you find a tenant. If you own a piece of land or have space in your house you could develop a few rooms with toilet and bath and charge GH¢ 150 a month as rent or you could run a mini guest house and charge GH¢ 50 a night.


  1. Market Products

You could help companies and industries find clients or buyers and earn a commission on the sale of the products. A lot of companies are always looking for clients and buyers. They are ready to give rewards to people who help gain clients. You could earn about 5% on all sales and this can translate to as low GH¢ 1 to over GH¢ 10,000 per product and it all depends on the product or the quantity you help sell.


These 10 ways are some of recommended ways you could earn some money on the side to augment your salary monthly in Ghana.


Written by 


Papa Mensah Kwegyir-Aggrey 

Business Development





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