Marseille Seal Europa League Final Spot

Marseille’s 2-0 lead from a comfortable first-leg win against RB Salzburg didn’t appear overly problematic.

Yet, anyone who witnessed Lazio’s trip to Austria in the quarter-final will have known that this particular cog in the Red Bull machine have a bit about them.

After 90 minutes, the 2-0 lead had been equaled and both sides were heading for extra-time. With this year’s Europa League final taking place in Lyon, the French side would have been devestated to fall in such a fashion.

With the game looking to be going to penalties, it fell to the 32-year-old central defender Rolando to sneak Marseille into prime-position again.

However, it was not without controversy. Beautifully finishing a Dimitri Payet corner, there were serious doubts that the corner ever should have been given in the first place.



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