Wearing African Prints As Friday Wear Is Not Enough To Promote “Made in Ghana fabrics”- Okyeame Kwame

Ghanaian  musician and rapper Okyeame Kwame has made a call to the general Ghanaian public and Africa as a continent to wear our African prints more to promote our rich culture. He said wearing the African prints just on Fridays is not enough to push our beautiful Ghanaian-African prints to the world.

In 2014, government launched the “National Friday Wear Programme”, an initiative aimed at projecting a unique Ghanaian identity through the extensive use of local fabric and designs as business wear.

The programme, initiated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and President’s Special Initiative in collaboration with the private sector, set aside Fridays for all public officers and the private sector, be more practicable, to wear our locally designed prints or fabrics produced from local manufactures.

In an instagram post, the rapper suggested to all Ghanaians, that wearing  our African-Ghanaian prints everyday is one way to push us out there for the Western World to love and even copy from us.

“I think the African wear shouldn’t be just a Friday Affair. Everyday, we should wear Made in Ghana until late the Countries from which we import our foreign clothing begin to wear our styles” #wearGhana @bellocouturegh, posted by the rapper.

Story by Oscar A.J

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