Madam Yaa “accidentally” gave her two month old baby to a stranger to get some food to eat.

Telling her story on kofi tv, the distraught mother, shedding uncontrollable tears said,

“I cant take this my child is missing, I went to my in-law at Ashaiman, and my sibling is at circle so that he finds some money for me so i could use it for my upkeep, she said I should come.
I was with a friend who had also delivered twins. When we got here we alighted at the Filling station at Circle around Vodafone and then, i called my brother and asked him wher he was, and he said he was on his way.
We kept on calling him and he kept on saying he was on his way.

“A lady passing by saw my friends babies and volunteered to carry one for her, she asked us what food we will eat, and we said fufu, she told us to order anything we wanted and that she was going to buy credit” I asked her where she was taking my child and she said she was not a bad person and she said she will be back soon, i stood up to look at where she was heading to, after an hour she was still not back so we went out looking for her but she was no where to be found.”

The incident has been reported to the police and is under investigation.

Story by Dorcas Sampson

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