Counselor Lutterodt blast Ghanaians over Shatta wale and Fella Makafui’s ‘adult’ video

Shatta wale and Fella Makafui’s video is the most trending in Ghana and even outside Ghana. While Ghanaians were still shocked about Fella’s viral video, Shatta’s video of him being served “bj” with a friend also followed.

This has made Ghanaians more surprised and due to that, these two public figures have been going through condemnation by Ghanaians.

A controversial popular Ghanaian Counselor,George Lutterodt who has different perception about any issue has blasted Ghanaians. According to him, the hypocritical attitudes of Ghanaians is what hurts him so much. In his opinion he doesn’t understand why Ghanaians must criticize both Shatta and Fella when their faces are not seen in the video.


Shancy Abankwa

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