Nora Frimpong Manso Replies Husband’s Facebook Post About Her Not Bathing Regularly

Actress Frimpong Manso who allegedly accused by her husband of not bathing regularly on his Facebook wall, has replied her husband’s.

In an interview with ‘Nora’, in regards to the allegations made against her, it appears that she goes to great lengths to keeping up her appearance. But what many don’t realize is that she’s prone to being rather lazy when it comes to her personal hygiene habits.

she made the startling admission that she only shower “maybe three times a week.” Why? Well, according to Nora: “Showering more than once a day, or every day, is such a white people thing, white people shower a lot more than ethnics. Am so lazy when it comes to my personal hygiene habits, so when I’m sweating and don’t have time to take a shower, I just take a baby wipe and rub it under my armpits and I’m Okay” she revealed.


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