Bolgatanga Astro Turf Pitch Project Abandoned ABSOLUTELY!

It arrived as “Greatest Good news” to Sports lovers, when the ruling government of Ghana (New Patriotic Party) ahead of the 2016 election, campaigned publicly, the need for every region to have at least one astro turf pitch, to promote and enhance sports development.

With this initiative, the new ministry was introduced. Thus the Ministry of Zongo inner community development, having Hon.Boniface Sadick as the Minister. The agenda was to recreate developmental channel to enhance the lives of Zongos across Ghana.

Governments introductory plan hit the environs of the Upper East Region, precisely Bolgatanga.To avoid cost, the Bolgatanga Mobil park was chosen to be transformed into artificial astro turf pitch since it was in a good shape. The project was given three months ultimatum commenced on March, 2018.

However, the current state of the project is in it abysmal and poorest situation. As no football related activities can be staged on it.

The situation of the park, is such that, it floods when ever it rains, directing the rain to a spot as of “stream”. The type of grass used is such a poor one, that, it can not grow well as a result turn to plants which shouldn’t have been.

Meanwhile, reports gathered from the grounds, reveals, that constructor of the project is done with works on it.

The Mobil park before this project, hosted all football related activities, right from Colts league. It is unarguably, the only reliable football pitch in the Bolgatanga Municipality.

The current state of the park, buries the fate of Bolgatanga football fans and talents. As the region has no where to turn to. Already, the Bolgatanga Stadium is not in good shape. Main reason behind Bolga All Stars opting for Tamale Utrecht Academy park during their stay in the nations top flight.

By Kolog Bonaventure

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