Revealed: “It’s Wrong For GFA to petition FIFA”-GHALCA BOSS

On Friday 6,July 2018 10:20

Kudjo Fianoo, Chairman of the Ghana League Club Association (GHALCA) disclosed how it is unreasonable for the Ghana Football Association Executive committee(ExCO) to petition the world football governing body, FIFA.

In what he term as “misplaced”.

The ExCO on Thursday 5, July, 2018 wrote a 24 page document petition to FIFA, to allow them settle their matters internally. Football in the country has been on a standstill following the exposè byTiger Eye PI.

However, several meetings with stakeholders of the game and massive consultations internally and externally has being organized to ensure the sanity of the game. With that, FIFA early this month, appointed 2-member liaison body to oversee all football related activities in Ghana.

Meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the FA record that to be unfair. Therefore seeks to write to FIFA to express their rights.

All this along, former CEO of Ashanti Gold, Kudjo Fianoo See’s no logic behind the petition forwarded to FIFA by the ExCO. As he proclaim.

“The petition should have being sent to CAF not FIFA, it’s the same FIFA that suspended our President, Kwasi Nyantakyi and not any other”. Fianoo went on to highlight the sense not to have gone to FIFA, by saying, FIFA at the early stage of Ghana’s football crisis opted to meet the government to elaborate on the issue despite plans of meeting delegations from the Ghana Football Association.” As a matter of fact, FIFA withdrew their air ticket meant for the FA’s delegation to meet them in Zurich”.Aside that, “Ghana was supposed to have three representatives in Russia to vote on the 2026 WorldCup bid. For which two rep’s couldn’t go, [the] one who got there was not allowed to vote”.

Inspite of this, ” FIFA has not bordered to enquire on why Ghana’s representatives couldn’t attend, and whether there is any sanction for Ghana, FIFA has said nothing on that”.

He continued, “GFA’s General secretary with Kwaku Eyiah were scheduled to meet FIFA in Zurich which never happened”. Fianoo bemused that “it isn’t surprise as a son of the association, FIFA (your Father) orders you to go back home after reaching the airport and that, he(FIFA) is coming to Ghana.”

” FIFA came to meet the government of Ghana for a meeting. Aftermath released a press statement under the Ministry of Information. They(FIFA) never met the FA and left”.

He added “The Government of Ghana got access to FIFA, you(FA) could not, as you were sent back home after arriving at the airport”, he fumed.

Nevertheless, some football club administrators were appointed to hold meeting with FIFA which did not yield result as it was cancelled. Upon this, that Fianoo quiz the FA.

“Dr.Paa Kwasi Ndoum and co. were appointed to meet FIFA but later cancelled, so who didn’t listen to you? FIFA or Government?

To me, the petition they wrote was misplaced.

If they had any petition to write, [it] should be forward to Confederation of African Football (CAF).If FIFA can call you on two occasions and later not meet you. But can meet the government, what does that mean?

The [same] FIFA who is not willing to meet you. You write a petition to [them].”, Kudjo Fianoo said.

By Kolog Bonaventure

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