Anaji Road Rendered Traffic-less

Story by Nasiru Aboney

The newly constructed road at Anaji in western region is being used without any traffic guide in form of a traffic light, police or the city guard.

The road being touted as one of the busiest road in western region is used by cars heading to Accra and other parts of the country is also used by pedestrians especially kids.

In the morning, kids who go to school finds it stressful using the road because some pestilent and heartless drivers do not stop for them to cross. Inexperienced drivers are also involved in accident due the absence of traffic guide with the excuse that, the road have not been completed yet.
The question is, does an accident that happens takes in to consideration the type of road?

The residence of Anaji are appealing to whoever responsible to at least provide them with a personnel to help them with traffic since the lights have not been fixed to avoid any accident between cars or a car and a pedestrian.

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