Takoradi Market Women Not Happy With NPP Over Additional Sales Of Tickets

Story by Nasiru Aboney

The women of Takoradi who sell at night have been asked by the STMA to pay an additional 50p tax. This has made them furious and complains It’s a cheat for them (STMA) to decide on such demand from them because during the day. They pay 50p which is the cost of ticket for selling in the market .

According to the traders, they were paying 20p earlier but the fare has been increased to 50p which they have agreed to pay .

Also some mentioned,they do sell at night due to their situation of being a single parent and have to cater for their wards expenses . To them, paying of ticket twice a day is incomprehensible.

With this, some fish mongers cried of regretting voting the NPP into power for they have disappointed and lied to them and warns the sitting government to heed to their complaint because 2020 is just around the corner.

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