Juju Thief Robs Helpless Lady In Kojorom

Story by Nasiru Aboney

The rise of criminal activities in western region is something that that is deterring investors and entrepreneurs from the region especially Kojokrom.

A lady who was helping out a a grown man in his 50s with direction has been robbed of her phone and her money by that same man in Kojokrom through juju according to her.

In an interview with goodnewsfmgh.com writer Nasiru Aboney, the lady elaborated on how she was robbed by the man she was trying to help.

“I was taking a stroll when this gentleman called me and asked for direction which I aided him. I then returned home and to my surprise, I saw my phone and money turned to polythene, plywood, phone cover and stone.”

The lady has advised everyone to be vigilant so that they don’t fall prey to these heartless criminals.

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