Takoradi Market Circle Night Sellers Yearns For More Time

Story by Nasiru Aboney

Market Circle is the biggest market in Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly where people from all over the Western Region come to trade because all human needs and wants can be found at the Market Circle. Starting from Banks to Saloons and even Food stuffs.

Lately, Help Fm reporter Shancy Nana Ama Abankwa AKA Lady Shancy has sighted that, vendors in Takoradi Market Circle trade in the night more than the day. The reason behind this is that, there are limited spaces at the market during the day and because of that the City Guards are always on their neck preventing them from selling. They only get the opportunity to sell when the City Guards are not around and that is during 4pm.

According to some of the traders, they don’t like to sell in the evening but they don’t have any choice. They come at dawn to sell outside and when it exactly 7:0am, they are asked to go inside the market to sell.

According to some of the market women, they don’t have any space inside the market so when they are asked to go inside the market they don’t have a specific place to sit and sell. The saddest thing about it is that the city guards takes their items from them when they disobey their orders and takes a huge sum of money to give it to them.

Due to this they are pleading with the government to consider them to start selling from 2:00 pm rather than their usual time 4:00pm so as to gain more money to cater for their family because selling in the day is more conducive than in the night.

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