Veronica Assists Calais GG FF To A 3-1 Victory Over Lillers FC

Story By Nasiru Aboney


Indefatigable striker Veronica Appiah played a pivotal role in her team’s 3-1 victory over Liller FC.

Veronica in as much as was aiming for a hat trick against the home team, she wasn’t able to score due to a close marking but made every effort to see to it that her team ended up with a 3-1 win which she assisted in one of the goals.

In an interview, the striker admitted in as much her effort to bang in a hat trick against the home team proved futile, she is happy her team won and she played a major role in that victory.

“Football is a team work and in as much as I was looking forward to score a hat trick which I couldn’t, I am happy that my team won which I played a major role in it together with my team mates.” Veronica Appiah said.

The lethal striker is now aiming to focus on the next game and also aiming to improve on her performance.

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