Kofi Kinaata Mocks Strongman after Chelsea’s loss To Tottenham

By Nasiru Aboney


The rivalry between Manchester United and Chelsea in the English Premier League has channelled down to Ghanaian music as two of the best rappers in the music industry support these teams.
Kofi Kinaata a staunch Manchester United supporter and Strongman a Chelsea fan.

The two team this weekend, gave their fans a heart breaking result especially Chelsea who recorded their first loss this season under Sarri in their league game with Tottenham by 1-3 at Wembley and Manchester United drew with Crystal Palace by 0-0.

Before the Chelsea game, Strongman’s picture in a Chelsea jersey was spotted on social media showing his support for Chelsea.

At the end of the game, the world was upside down for Strongman which lead to Kofi Kinaata mocking him on his Facebook wall with this:

“Strongman, I warned you earlier when you posted this pic wearing a Chelsea jersey.. that this team and broken heart de3 🙌🏾 🤞🏾#ManUtd drew today and I was worried, saana I should #Susuka cuz #Chelsea atse ne dwee after all the SarriBall… eyi Garri Ball. 😂😂😂”

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