Chief Seidu Adamu Open Letter To Dr. Kofi Amoah After Black Stars Early Exit

After the regime of former Ghana Football Association president lawyer Kwesi Nyantachi , it seems the national teams have not lived up to the expectations of many ghanaians especially part of the media .

One seasoned sports journalist Chief Seidu Adamu has written an open letter to the head of Normalization Committee Dr . Kofi Amoah about the dip in performance of our National teams since he came to power after a so called “abnormal” era but it seems the normalization era is now below the “abnormalization” era .

The recent brouhaha is the early exit of the senior national team the Black Stars from the ongoing AFCON 2019 that has gotten many Ghanaians pointing accusing fingers to the players and technical staff .

Open Letter to the President of the GFA Normalization committee

Dear Kofi Amoah (Dr).

I am writing to remind you that the AFCON is over, and the Post AFCON analysis currently being undertaken by the media has nothing to do with you, and your members on the Normalization committee.

It is usually said that “after Elections, no campaign”.

Your reform program, and your normalization of the abnormality has only brought a national disaster, and Shame of a competition.

It Is clear you lost control of everything that happened in Egypt.

You allowed the Ministry of youth and sports to take over affairs, reasons you spend your entire trip in Egypt staying indoors – Sorry Dr.

The minister, and the Chairman of the management committee showed you small ” Atiwa”.

Back to the real issue.

Kofi Amoah (Dr). You have spent Exactly 10 months in office, excluding your time as Liaison team chairman.

Its a fact that the only thing you can attest to have done, is the shame you have brought to our National teams, and the failure to pay clubs for competing in competitions you supervised.

I will like to inform you that, the attempt to get your people to Blame the Black Star Players, and the Technical team won’t have space, and won’t stand the test of time.

It is never a practice of Ghanaians to blame Players and technical teams, we are taught to hold leaders accountable, hence the decision to ask you to take utmost responsibility for the mess your NC created in Egypt.

Now you must be worried about the situation now, you must appreciate the efforts of your predecessors, that at least in the last 10 years, they took the team to two finals, and four semi final finishes.

You have only two months left on your mandate, yet you cannot boast of what you have done.

Dear Kofi (Dr), to salvage the situation, you need to as a matter of urgency, provide the roadmap for the elections, and the times lines, this is non negotiable.

You must also let your rented press understand that no amount of vilification on the Players, and the Coach will yield any result.

They must churn their energies onto helping you to bring out the roadmap, and to also help you save yourself from backlash, and the subsequent embarrassment that awaits you, after September.

Chief Seidu Adamu
Sports Journalist.


Cc Muftawu Nabila Abdulai
Michael Okuley


By Nasiru Sadick Aboney

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