Covid-19 Updates: 214 cases recorded in Ghana

214 cases of covid-19 has been recorded in Ghana as at Sunday 5th April 2020 at 3:05:37. Yesterday, Ghana recorded only one additional case to the 204 totaling it to 205 but today Ghana has recorded 9 additional cases with 6 cases from the Greater Accra region and 3 from the Ashanti Region according to the Ghana Health Service.

A statement by the Ghana Health Service detailing the current state of covid-19 cases in Ghana states:


Ghana has confirmed nine (9) additional COVID-19 cases; six (6) from Greater Accra and three (3) from Ashanti region.

Among the cases from Greater Accra, one is a 37-year-old woman with no history of travel nor contact with a confirmed case. One is a repeat test of a traveller under quarantine who was initially negative but converted to positive on repeat test. Four ae contacts of confirmed cases with no symptoms and were detected during the enhanced contact tracing and testing.

Of the three (3) cases from Ashanti region, two (2) are Ghanaians who travelled to Ghana from France within the past 14 days and the third one is a Ghanaian who has no history of travel out of the country nor contact with a any confirmed case.

As at 4 th April 2020, Ghana has recorded a total of 214 cases of COVID-19 with five (5) deaths. Currently, the number of regions reporting cases are as follows: Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern, Upper West Eastern and Upper East Region. The Greater Accra Region has most cases (189) followed by the Ashanti Region (12), Northern Region (10), Upper West Region (1), Eastern Region (1) and Upper East Region (1).

Most of the cases are reported from routine / enhanced surveillance activities. Cases from travellers under mandatory quarantine are 90.

All five (5) deaths had underlying chronic medical conditions prior to COVID-19 infection

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